Paul’s knowledge of marketing for law firms is second to none.
— Warren Spencer, Managing Partner, Blackhurst Budd

Does a law firm really need marketing?

It’s a fair question and don’t expect an unbiased answer…. Well actually ‘it depends’. It depends on whether you want to build your business faster than you can relying on repeat client work and word of mouth referrals (both great sources or work and no argument from us there).

Whilst many of the new entrants to the legal sector have failed to make a major impact, your biggest competitors remain those across the road and increasingly firms are investing in marketing and looking at new ways to attract clients.

There are many ways to market a law firm successfully and don’t believe that it’s all online. We provide a holistic view of marketing activities dependent on your work types, goals and budget. We have no minimum spend. If you have £200 a month to invest in marketing there will still be ideas we can discuss. You might not even need us to implement them, but when they work hopefully you’ll be in touch again.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, next month or until there's a downturn in the market. Contact us today. As John F Kennedy once said: “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”