If you want to grow your client base and invest in your own brand, welcome to Legal Marketing Works.

Marketing collectives have their place and will work for some firms and some clients, but there are plenty of opportunities for law firms to win more direct work through effective marketing activity. My thoughts, ideas and projects are all about your firm and its position in your local and regional market.

If you rely only on existing clients and referrals, consider whether this will this be enough to sustain and grow your practice as competition increases and firms take a more proactive approach to marketing.

So why me?

I’ve worked in legal marketing since 2003 in four law firms turning over from £1m-£50m. Many marketing experts currently trying to work with solicitors have never spent any time working in-house. This isn’t just about marketing, but understanding the Partnership culture, the balance between today’s profits and tomorrow’s investment and why some things just don’t happen. I’ve been there, I know what works and what’s realistic.

Strategic Curve, Core Competency & Deliverables

Good old management speak. The guardian of all nonsense so we can baffle people with terms there’s absolutely no need for. If I use any of this then the coffee’s on me.


I’m passionate and enthusiastic about helping law firms compete and win, in whatever way you define winning for your practice.

Drop me a line now and we’ll take it from there.

Best wishes
Paul Coombes