(What’s wrong with) Email Marketing For Solicitors

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you read the title above …I’m guessing e-newsletters to existing clients?

That’s a good starting point, but here’s some questions to think about:

  • If you already have an e-newsletter open the last two or three. What was the subject line of the email? Was ‘Spring Newsletter’ or similar? If you received that would it really make you want to open the email?
  • How does the content look? Are there any calls to action anywhere – i.e. are you asking the client to do something?
  • Is your database segmented in anyway or does everyone get the same email? Could you send a targeted email to high net worth clients if you wanted to?
  • Are you using your website to collect client and prospect contact details? How many addresses are you adding each month?

We can help get your messages read by more clients, more of the time.

It can be years between clients using your services, even for commercial work, which means you need a way to keep your firm in their mind when they don’t have an immediate need.

News alerts, free guides, local business events and shared content can all be part of your email marketing plan, which should be focused on delivering useful information to clients and prospects.

Your website should be generating a constant stream of both enquiries and email contact details. Our system presents clients with targeted messages depending on the page they are on, asking them for example if they’d like a quote (conveyancing), to arrange a free initial meeting (family), to receive a guide on reducing inheritance tax (private client).

Once a client has submitted their information they can receive a set of bespoke messages dependent on which form they completed. The result – more relevant information sent to the right people at the right time, which in turn means a better response rate.

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