Social Media For Solicitors

Is social media a worthwhile marketing activity for regional law firms?

On it’s own, in our opinion, no. To explain our thinking let’s consider what goals we’re setting first. For example you might measure:

  • Reach – the number of followers, fans or connections you have on your social media accounts
  • Traffic – the number of visitors to your website(s) from your social media accounts
  • Leads – how many of these visitors make an enquiry or sign up to your email marketing system?
  • Clients – how many of the above turn into clients?

They are all interlinked and depend on having:

  1. Useful, interesting and frequent content
  2. A responsive (mobile friendly) website
  3. Relevant landing pages designed to capture client details
  4. An email marketing system that provides automated follow ups

We’re not saying it’s pointless using social media without the supporting tools, but it will certainly be harder to reach any measurable goals.

Once these tools are in place the next question is whether to run your social media activity yourself or outsource.

If you enjoy social media, can commit to regularly updating your platforms and manage them in an efficient manner, then in house is the way forward. The reality though is that for many (most) law firms from a financial perspective it doesn’t stack up and the momentum isn’t sustained.

Your billable time is better spent doing just that, or undertaking business development activity that’s harder to outsource such as presenting at seminars, attending networking events and generally pressing the flesh!

Outsourcing your social media marketing is a cost effective and consistent way to reach clients in your area and also opens up the opportunity to run highly targeted social media advertising in your region.

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