Get more from Database Marketing

If, like many law firms, you get most of your work from existing clients yet you’ve never done any proactive marketing to them, this should be your starting point.

Database marketing is a highly effective way to find new clients and also get more work from people who have used your services before. At the heart of this process is building your list (database) as the quality and relevance of this list will be the number one factor in the success of your marketing.

How can we help?

  • Database cleansing. We can provide a free audit on your data, giving you detailed information on the number of previous clients who have moved home or passed away.
  • Data enhancement. Going beyond simply cleaning the data, we can overlay a wide range of demographics, lifestyle factors and income. Firms often tell us they want more work from high net worth clients – we can tell you which of your existing clients fit that criteria!
  • Data collection. You’re interacting with clients and prospects every day and should be adding more data to your lists each day too. We will work with you to implement a range of ideas both online and offline to grow your database locally.
  • Social Media. Using your data you can accurately market your services only to existing clients through Facebook and Twitter. You can also use these channels to collect new client details too.
  • Campaign Management. Ok so you’ve got all of this data now what shall we do next? Work with us to plan your database marketing campaigns.
  • B2B Lists. When promoting services to businesses it can be worthwhile buying in targeted lists as this will enable you to select businesses based on geography, turnover, number of employees and industry.

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