Law Firm Advertising

Law firms are not known to be prolific advertisers, but when they do we typically see adverts like this:

Bloggs & Co Solicitors

  • Conveyancing
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Family
  • Litigation

T. 01234 567890
123 New Road, Greytown.

Does this look familiar?

Probably and that because it’s the easiest way to think about what you do, but it’s not the best way to sell your services and that’s the aim of any advert you purchase.

Our top five tips:

  1. The headline is the most important element and should identify a problem you can help with
  2. Explain exactly how you can help
  3. Include testimonials
  4. Give a time specific offer
  5. Make it clear what you want the client to do

If you’re planning an advertising campaign in any media and would like to discuss how to maximise your return call us on 07834414826  or click here – we’ll also tell you if we think you shouldn’t bother and how best to track the enquiries you receive!