Business Development For Solicitors

Business Development is where marketing meets sales. Said someone with some white space to fill once upon a time. Nonsense.

In fact business development is sales, it just sounds a bit nicer and less used-car like. Don’t be afraid of it though as it’s often the final part of a marketing plan that actually secures you the work.

Where can it help law firms?

  • Retaining and cross selling to key clients
  • Winning new clients
  • Attracting and developing professional referrers

A good example of this in action (or not as the case may be) is the rise of employer schemes using legal expense policies as a method to sign up SME businesses. These are often set up with the best intentions, but fail to deliver the expected results.

Now admittedly the market is getting more difficult, but number one reason for the above schemes being unsuccessful is down to a lack of marketing to raise awareness and lack of a formal sales strategy to secure the business.

If you are considering any projects involving business to business services or attracting professional referrers then business development (sales) needs to be part of the plan. Decide how much of this you are happy doing then find someone to do the rest!

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