How to get more from email marketing

8 Easy Ways To Get More From Email Marketing

1.     Be a builder

You should be building your email list at every opportunity. This includes existing clients, new clients, subscribers to your blog and professional introducers.

2.     Be specific

Segment your email lists to increase your responses rates. Targeting your messages to a specific group will improve your open rate, click through and conversions.

3.     Be creative

The single biggest factor in whether your email gets opened or not is the subject line. ‘Spring Update’ or ‘Latest News’ aren’t likely to break any records. Put yourself in a client’s positon, does that subject make you want to find out more? If not don’t send it.

4.     Be interesting

The content you send out must be relevant, up to date and interesting. Vary the style of the emails you send out, number of articles and overall length.

5.     Be regular

The aim of your email marketing should follow AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. To move clients through these stages you need to be in regular contact with them and make sure there’s a call to action telling them what to do next.

6.     Be compliant

Always include your company name, unsubscribe link and a valid reply to address. Best practice suggests you should include your physical mailing address too.

7.     Be an analyst

One of the great things about email marketing is that you can easily track how it’s performing. Once you have a base line in place the next step is to test the variables, which might include the subject line, the call to action and the time email is sent.

8.     Be calling

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