What can law firms learn from Eddie Hearn?

Eddie Hearn is the Managing Director of Matchroom Sport, son of Barry Hearn and now a well-known boxing promoter in his own right. What’s that got to do with law? Well nothing, but what is interesting is how Eddie and Matchroom have used social media and Twitter particularly to communicate with fans.

Let’s look at the numbers compared with his competitors*:





Eddie Hearn

April 2011



Matchroom Boxing

March 2011



Frank Warren

November 2008



Hennessy Sports

June 2009



There’s two things that stand out to me immediately:

1.       First in is not necessarily an advantage on its own

2.       The number of tweets is directly correlated to the number of followers

Now boxing aficionados will no doubt tell me that these numbers are all to do with the exclusive deal Matchroom have with Sky, but if my research is correct this has only been in place since 2012, giving his rivals a clear 2-3 year advantage before Eddie and Matchroom appeared on Twitter and a further year before the Sky deal.

This blog isn’t about boxing though, it’s about using social media and what Eddie has done right:

  • Accessibility – people feel as though they can directly contact him through Twitter. He takes his fair share of stick, but responds to a high number of messages personally each day.
  • Current – his personal account is great source of boxing news both factual and opinion. It’s as close to the action as a fan can get.
  • Regular – 45.2K Tweets in just over five years, that’s c. 25 tweets per day…..

We know that for most people legal services aren’t that exciting, but for me the important thing is that if you’re not using social media yet it’s not too late. It’s about what you do once you’re on there. Secondly when you do set an account up make sure you’re posting consistently and engaging with others.

Your clients are already out there on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If your presence isn’t being felt call 01253 969166 or email pc@legalmarketingworks.co.uk.

*June 2016 figures.